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Go-to-market rapidly with your business and don’t compromise among security, performance and scalability any longer. Choose to build your infrastructure on-prem or in the cloud.

Storage of sensitive data

Hosting of critical applications

Secure and trusted platform

Cysec systems brings the state of the art to your business

Compliant and certified environment.

Certified platform according to the international standards, enterprise-grade.

Tools and Interfaces.

Plug&Play libraries for blockchain and IoT applications, easy and modern cryptographic interfaces constituting a ready-to-be-used toolbox.

Delivery & Scalability.

Rapidly scale and grow your new applications with the already existing ones.

Meet the ARCA family.

Our major clients use Cysec systems in these four areas:





Cysec and the Quantum Era

The Quantum Future. The upcoming quantum computing technologies will be able to breach into every digital system we have in place nowadays and in the future. From mails to smartcards, from financial transactions to personal data stored in the Cloud, from connected devices to self-driving cars. Every do and own will be a potential target for a quantum attack.

Cysec offers Quantum Resistant solutions. Our systems employ the latest and most secure post-quantum cryptographic primitives to provide security against current and future attacks run on quantum computers.