Launching at IoT Solutions World Congress
Barcelona | 29-31 October, 2019

Introducing the Cysec ARCATWO

The most agile security platform on the IoT ecosystem


Tamper detection, tamper evident,.tamper resistant.

Multi Form Factor.

19" 1U, DIN, fan-less, embedded.

Secured & Isolated Digital Lockers.

Patented technology built by Open Source Community.

Modern Interfaces.

Protobuf and RESTful API.

Fast integration & Deployment.

Easiness for existing application integration.

Cryptographic Agility.

We can adapt our platform to your business processes, security requirements.


Four reasons to use ARCATWO

We Build For Your Cryptographic Needs.

Our development team can built a customized trusted application for your business needs.

Host Your Own Application.

Significantly increase the security of your application by deploying it on the ARCATWO security platform. Our team will help you to integrate your application on ARCATWO.

Choose From Existing Applications.

Browse our marketplace and select a solution that fits your business needs.

You Build Applications In An Open Source Modal.

Browse GITHUB and select a solution that fits your business needs. Customize it and we help you to deploy it on ARCATWO.

Designed for today’s demanding security challenges.